Reorganizational Healing

What if your symptoms, disease or stress were meant to interrupt your life?

Reorganizational Healing at its core is the integration and engagement of body/mind/spirit, and is YOU centered vs.disease focused. ROH recognizes that at the foundation of healing is an inner wisdom just waiting to be listened to and not ignored, that our capacity to heal is inborn and the very energy that has wounded us whether physically, emotionally, mentally or chemically, is the very energy that liberates us.

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Reorganizational Healing by Dr. Donald Epstein

When we look at the world around us, there is one thing that is obvious: the future demands new strategies. Our planet is gripped with climate change; our countries continually use force and aggression as ‘diplomacy,’ our communities are deteriorating, and our family structures are dissipating. In short, new choices for humanity are needed. At the core of this are the fundamental choices we make in OUR lives. Where we place our focus determines where we are headed. Imagine driving down the road in your car, but you can only look in the rear-view mirror. Where would you end up if you only guide yourself by returning to where you were? How about looking out the front window? Are you headed toward a different place? You are in the same seat, facing the same way, yet where you focus determines where you end up. The key is looking ahead, developing the strategies, and making the choices that move us there. So what does this mean to an individual who is moving toward healing himself or herself and the world? When we look at the predominant culture, we see many people choosing to return to the old. I refer to this as Restorative Healing.

There are several common assumptions underlying Restorative Therapeutics:

1) Something is disturbing the way a person was feeling and living his life;

2) This disturbance is wrong and must be stopped;

3) By stopping the symptom, crisis, or disturbance the individual can resume as closely as possible to where they were before.

4) Success equals returning to a previous and familiar place.

But where does this leave the individual – that previous or familiar place? Looking in the rearview mirror gets you to where you were. Is this needed in life sometimes? Absolutely! But all the time? Returning to the previous state rewinds the clock, but doesn’t necessarily change the outcome – it simply delays it.

Does it make sense that WHO you were being before you started having symptom(s), contributes to WHY the symptom is there is the first place?

Ultimately, there is no “going back”. So how do we heal our future?

In pondering this, we can draw upon Einstein’s famous words in reference to the definition of INSANITY: “Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.”

Reorganizational Healing is defined as an approach to healing and life that seeks to both optimize existing (body and life) structures and fields of influence, bringing them into a more dynamic, aware, and responsive state while producing new sustainable emerging properties (new more range-full ways of healing and responding in your world) that can assist in your body’s self regulation, growth and evolution of your body’s systems.

In contrast to Restorative Healing, the common assumptions underlying Reorganizational Healing are:

1) Something is disturbing the way a person was feeling and living her/his life;

2) This disturbance suggests that a change in what you are aware of or new action is necessary in some aspect of the individual’s life;

3) Although uncomfortable and disruptive of the life a person is living, the symptom, crisis, or ongoing disturbance (dis-ease) are instructive and not an adversary;

4) Success is creating new energy efficient emergent body states that are functioning at a higher level of organization within the body, its consciousness, and one’s life.

What if your symptoms or disease were MEANT to interrupt your life?

You see, when we look at the world around us – our communities, our families, or ourselves – we have two choices, restore to the old or create something new.

Laurence J. Bendit, M.D. wrote,

“Healing is basically the result of putting right our wrong relations to our body, to other people and..…. to our own complicated minds, with their emotions and instincts at war with one another and not properly understood and accepted by what we call ‘I’ or ‘me.’

The process is one of reorganization, reintegration of things which have come apart.”

Remember Humpty Dumpty? You know, the nursery rhyme…

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

(Original by Lewis Carroll)

I think it is one of the simplest examples of how Reorganizational and Restorative Healing come into context.

All the king’s horses and men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Sounds like Restorative Healing, doesn’t it? We need to ask ourselves, “What if going back doesn’t put the pieces together again.” Once the egg is out of the shell, how do we get it back in? Was the full potential of the system being reached if it stayed within the shell? Maybe it’s time to make an omelet!

Reorganizational Healing doesn’t look to return to the old, but instead to right/heal our relationships – to ourselves and those around us. In doing this, we increase the resources that we have to draw upon; and, more importantly, we increase the resourcefulness that we have in our lives. Ultimately, our future depends on this resourcefulness – not only for our own well-being, but also for our entire planet.


“This work is the epitome of bodywork in our time: the leading edge of Body-Mind-Spirit integration”
Dr Candace Pert PhD, Prof of Research in Neuroscience, leader in the field of neuropeptide and receptor pharmacology, and chemical neuroanatomy. Pert also lectured worldwide on these and other subjects, including her theories on emotions and mind-body communication. She is the author of “Molecules of Emotion” and coined the phrase: “The body is the unconscious mind.”