“Jack leaves feeling so much happier and content. Many people have noticed a change in Jack. He is more social and talkative and more relaxed around others. His confidence in himself has also improved. Thank you.”

Kristin O’Neil (Jack’s Mom)

“Everyone at Wellspring is kind and welcoming and the energy of the space is so beautiful and comforting.  It feels like coming home.”

Rachel Fleischman

“Community (community, community, community) that is based in unconditional love and being truly seen fully and completely. All of it … the “good, bad and the ugly”, laughter, tears and magic. True connection.”

Kara Breese

“I have learned so much about myself ,my spirituality, and my deeper purpose in this life. Once I gave into this universal knowing a sense of security, truth and positivity was welcomed into my life.  I have also been able to manage the stresses in my life at a whole new level of ease and have experienced many miracles along the way.
Wellspring has lifted the blinders from my eyes and now I can see a whole new world! I am forever grateful.”


“Each and everyone of you has a beautiful light that fills the rooms with beauty. Everyone that comes in is greeted by name and truest seen. We live in this crazy fast paced world that is constantly screaming at us to do something, when I walk into WELLSPRING it is gone. I can let my body be. I know each person has a story, trauma, illness, or heartache, you all make the journey better , kinder and softer.”

Gina Tzizik

“I am able to see my fears and face them with calm and ease, and I am able to experience the love and support of my husband and family without fear – but with joy, hope and calm. I am more able to handle stress and busy times in work and life, and have a better relationship with myself – one that is based on listening and nurturing. I don’t know how Network Care works, I understand the principles, and believe in the process, but I don’t know how it magically transforms so much – I cannot thank the magical ladies at Wellspring, they have truly helped me change my life.”

Aimee Cardillo

“The most recent benefit of Network Care has been getting some instant relief from pregnancy discomforts. During the entrainment session, I have been feeling my baby move and I love that my little one is getting the benefits of Network Care as well. I truly feel physically and mentally ready to be the best mother I can be.”

Stacy Marshall

“At first I didn’t experience much other than relaxation, but the warmth, kindness, and positive energy I felt from the Wellspring staff and my own curiosity kept me going. Then things started to happen and shift within me. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I started having more energy and clarity of thought. I wasn’t eating pain killers like candy anymore. My posture started changing and my body naturally started recorrecting itself. I started making more positive choices in my life. I started saying YES to things and became more outgoing and at ease. I started letting go of traumas that had plagued me. I started having energy to care for others. I felt like a different person or a more authentic version of myself.”

Ivan Gordan

“I am stronger, more inspired, and more creative because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

Anthony Robbins, internationally recognized success coach, philanthropist, and Peak Performance trainer, is one of a growing number of influential people who swear by Network Care.