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Reorganizational Healing: (ROH)

Reorganizational Healing at its core is the integration and engagement of body/mind/spirit, and is YOU centered vs.disease focused. ROH recognizes that at the foundation of healing is an inner wisdom just waiting to be listened to and not ignored, that our capacity to heal is inborn and the very energy that has wounded us whether physically, emotionally, mentally or chemically, is the very energy that liberates us.

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What if your symptoms or disease were MEANT to interrupt your life?

Where Are You
In Your Healthcare?

A disturbing decline in the evolution of health care

We have gone from caring for people to caring for diseases to caring for metrics, numbers, and labs. The Golden standard is no longer people or humanity-centric.

At Wellspring, YOU and your loved ones are our number one focus. We honor the power of the spine and it’s vital connection to human life. Person-centered care and the born power to heal and feel alive lie within the core of our existence.

We know that no one can “fix” what they cannot find. Waking up the gifts that your spine has to offer gives your body the key to deciphering what’s really going on and is the true answer to a healthy, more empowered and extraordinary life. In other words, greater connection to yourself is the answer to unlocking the wisdom of your healing and evolution.

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“On rare occasions, one can step back and say “Wow, that is a really good idea.” Now might be that time.”

“Reorganizational Healing” presents a radically new “Big-Picture” view of health and health care that challenges the dominant disease-care model of Biomedicine.”

Robert H I Blanks PhD – Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, Florida.Source: “Reorganizational Healing: A Health Change Model Whose Time Has Come” THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLIMENTARY MEDICINE Volume 15, Number 5 – May 2009 Editorial