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At Wellspring we believe that you have a right to feel alive, vital,  joyous and free.  We know that whatever limitations you might feel in your body – whether symptoms, pain, or disease – they are all a call for change.  However, when in distress, sometimes the hardest thing to know is what change to make.  Connection to your body is your ticket to freedom. Through the combination of outstanding spinal care, education, and simple, easy-to-use exercises, we partner with our clients to create short- and long-term outcomes to create immediate healing and sustainable transformation.

“If someone was asking me about Network Care, here is what I would say: "Do it, do it, do it! You have nothing to lose but your pain and nothing to gain but your life.” - T.H.

"It is incredible how much I have changed and continue to change physically, mentally, and emotionally as a result of this care!" - J.B.

“I have found my voice. I have let go of what does not serve me and have pursued that which I love.”T.F.

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Upcoming Events

  • June 6  Practice Member Appreciation Day!!!!  12 - 5 pm
  • June 17  Living in the Mastery Workshop 6:30 pm Here at Wellspring!
  • June 24  Introduction to Network Care m& Demonstration
  • June 25  Wellness Screening from 3-5 pm @ The Herbal Path Dover NH
  • July 21   A night out with Wellspring!  6:00 pm @ Seventh Settlement Dover NH 
  • August 1  Family Fun Day :)