Network Care

“The shape, tone, and position of the SPINE determines the shape, tone and position of your LIFE.” Donny Epstein

NETWORK Care looks at the RELATIONSHIP between the physical, emotional and/or mental symptoms you may be experiencing and the way you are living and have lived your life. Pain is the vehicle by which your body tells you to stop, take inventory, and take new EMPOWERED action.

Our fast moving, ever changing world creates a lot of “NOISE” in our brain and body which mutes our ability to even know if there is something off. This overstimulation creates a numbing effect where the brain no longer receives the true feedback of what’s happening in your body and what it really needs. Network Care gives you access to more EMBODIED CONNECTIONS and allows you to hack into your nervous system and therefore your CAPACITY to communicate more effectively to heal, to grow, and meet your modern day challenges. Under our care you will start to RECOGNIZE areas where you’ve limited yourself physically, emotionally or psychologically, and begin feeling empowered to shift your experience of life in an ENERGIZED way.

Under Network Care, you will become more AWARE of your body’s structure and vibration, and develop the wisdom and skills to move energy through it. When you RECONNECT to yourself in this way, the body begins to correct itself, releasing old patterns of stress while strengthening your INTERNAL RESOURCES for healing and growth. The result is an expanding sense of WHOLENESS that connects embodied healing, emotion, intelligence, and spirit.

The GOAL of Network Care is to develop the body’s ability to heal itself FASTER and more EFFICIENTLY. Connecting places of ease within the body to problem areas removes much of the interference from the nervous system. This allows the brain and body to better communicate, reorganize, and heal.

As your PERCEPTION of the world becomes congruent with your experiences, LIFE becomes easier and more rewarding. In other words, NETWORK CARE allows your true self to come forth. It allows you to THRIVE.

Network Care includes: Network Spinal Analysis & Somato Respiratory Integration

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

NSA involves soft, precise touches by a Network practitioner to specific points along the spine. These contacts cue the brain to self-assess and correct distortions in the body while unwinding muscular tension. NSA is proven effective for working out the kinks – not only the ones in your body, but also the ones in your life. It helps you identify where you’re stuck and, in the process, helps you develop resourcefulness in your body. Through this care, your body will become a reliable place to which you can return, again and again, to overcome what’s keeping you from moving forward in your life.

NSA is a powerfully unique form of spinal care that supports people in making progress in every area of their life and health with energy and clarity rather than struggle and effort. NSA is great for everyone, especially for those who are ready to TAKE CHARGE of their health and life.

NSA’s revolutionary approach to wellness applies low force touch contacts along the spine (called Spinal Gateways) and certain points on the body for high impact results.

These gentle contacts, like tuning a guitar, help assist the brain to connect more effectively with the spine and body. The pressure causes a wave-like movement and breathing pattern to occur along your spine activating the individual’s self-regulating capacity to detect areas of stored up tension or dis-ease and release it allowing for greater ease in your body and life.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) evolved from Network Chiropractic, a method developed in the mid-1980’s by Dr. Donald Epstein to help patients resolve tension patterns which occur when the spinal cord is over-stretched during physical injury or when the body is under mental or emotional stress.

Each session builds on the one before creating an orchestra of healing and upgraded body connection. Your body literally begins to self- correct, and your spine upgrades the “internal hardware” of your nervous system.

Your body is the movie projector of your life, and it’s ability to be alive, healthy, experience happiness, have clear thoughts and experience deeper love in relationships are governed by your spine’s ability to interpret information effectively. When this becomes highly efficient, everything you do becomes highly efficient.

This means less pain, body aches, headaches, stress and depression and more ease, energy, sleep, happiness, improved posture, concentration, focus and performance.

“The spine is the highway to the infinite.” Paramahansa Yoganada

Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI)

This element of Network Care consists of FOCUSED BREATH and POSITIONING EXERCISES that link enhanced somatic (body) awareness with respiration and different conscious states. In general, they help locate places of EASE within the body and connect them to areas where you unconsciously hold stress. This helps dissipate energy stored as tension and FUELS the body’s HEALING process. SRI is offered at Wellspring in conjunction with your entrainment sessions, or can be booked independently individually, or in a group and taught for developing a PERSONAL HOME PRACTICE.

depak chopra

“Network Care inspires us to trust the healing power within.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D Doctor of Medicine with residencies in internal medicine and endocrinology, andAmerican author, public speaker, and alternative medicine advocate.