Our Passion

When you feel far away… We bring you HOME

At Wellspring we believe that you have a right to feel alive, vital, joyous and free. We know that whatever limitations you might feel or be experiencing in your body – whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual – they are all a call for change. However, when in distress, sometimes the hardest thing to know is what change to make. Wellspring means, ‘a source of limitless supply’, and we stand for these abundant resources that exist within you…always, and when you feel disconnected from the wellspring of life within you, we are here to bring you home. We see you through the RANGE of who are, the parts you are expressing and the parts you have yet to. We are tenaciously committed to energizing your physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing so that each day you breathe, move and express more into the infinite brilliance of YOU.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in one drop.” Rumi

It’s A Lot

Have you ever felt like you are on a wild goose chase for “THE ANSWER”? You want to know “What’s wrong me” or perhaps “What’s wrong with THEM!?” You are hurting in some way, your body or life isn’t healing in the way you want it to and it’s SCARY, FRUSTRATING or DRAINING? On top of it there is so much fear ladened information out there its hard to know what to choose. Let’s face it, our world compared to one hundred years ago, or even twenty years ago for that matter, produces so much stimulus & information and with it a growing sense of urgency with just about everything. When you put out a message to the world, when do you expect a response? Yup, IMMEDIATELY and sometimes that’s still not soon enough! We know that with this human journey we are on, especially in todays world, we experience stress, trauma, loss and all along life keeps us on our toes. These demands easily tax and overwhelm our bodies, hearts and minds. It can leave you feeling exhausted, in pain, unfocused, unmotivated or lost in the dark somehow. We live in a constant state of “engagement.” (known as Fight or Flight). We know that the consequence of living in overwhelm is chronic disease and that 80% of our adult population have already developed chronic disease. Stress = Chronic disease = Human Energy Crisis. This IS an epidemic.

So what’s the SOULution?

Let’s start with remembering that when you are overwhelmed and tired even the little problems seem BIG and when you have plenty of energy no problem is too large, in fact they become OPPORTUNITIES. Einstein once said: “You cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness (energy) that created it.”

Life as we know it is not slowing down anytime soon, so we MUST find a way to UPGRADE our capacity to access the energy to respond to todays demands. In order to upgrade, we must go to the source, your SPINE.

“When in sickness, look to the spine first.” Hippocrates

In a world where we look externally for all the answers and for validation of our self worth, wouldn’t it be great to instead source that information and knowing from within. To have the POWER in any moment to access truth from a sacred place where YOU OWN IT and you are finally able to accept all the parts of yourself, from “the good, bad, and the ugly”. Where living with more Personal Freedom and Courage becomes an embodiment of WHO YOU ARE and the voice that comes out of your mouth becomes more and more YOUR VOICE. “No’s” that were sourced from fear, become, “Bring it!” and disempowered “yes’s” become CLEAR lines drawn in the sand that say: “I love you, and NO Thank You.” What if you could access ENOUGH ENERGY to not only face, but also MEET the wisdom that has been locked in your structure as tension, anxiety, dis-ease, and avoidance and awaken the PASSION that is rightfully YOURS? This is not only POSSIBLE it IS what happens when the shape, tone and position of your spine become more flexible, acutely aware, and energized.

“Passion is oxygen for the Soul”

Most of our Wellspring members, forget why they originally started care, as like a reformed smoker that is more focused on how amazing food tastes vs. the smoking, life becomes more colorful, bold, bright and creative in so much that spontaneous laughter, smiling, a sense of waking up becomes their new baseline…and that’s just the beginning. We are PASSIONATE in helping YOU access and grow the “oxygen” your soul REQUIRES to THRIVE.