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deb ayer

Dr. Deborah Ayer ~ NH Chiropractor, Owner

For over 2 decades, Dr. Deborah Ayer has been at the forefront of cutting edge wellness and transformation, reaching people both locally and globally. For 18 of those years she has devoted much of her time joyfully raising her son Bailey and being the sole owner of Wellspring Center for Wellbeing in Dover, NH. Her keen sense of the innate brilliance inside every human being, along with her tenacious devotion to the science and the art of humanity, makes her both a gifted facilitator and an incredible leader. She captures her audience’s attention as a dynamic speaker with the capacity to passionately deliver a message that launches each attendee into more inspired action. Dr. Ayer leads NSA/SRI events through WWS and through private practice. She sponsors students and doctors’ success by promoting the unique learning style of each individual. She has cared for high profile people such as Tony Robbins and volunteered to care for emergency personnel at Ground Zero after the 9/11 tragedy in NY.

Dr. Deb attended San Diego State University Majoring in Biology where she was introduced to Chiropractic and immediately knew this was her next adventure. She then graduated Valedictorian in 1993 from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. In 1996 she moved back to her roots in NH where she was first introduced to the powerful impact of Network Care.

Dr. Deb has learned from many pioneers of Chiropractic and the Personal growth industry. She was chosen to be the New Hampshire representative for the International Chiropractic Association during 2001-2005 where she sponsored and met with congressmen in Washington DC to promote Chiropractic awareness. In 2003, Deb was voted “Chiropractor of the Month” by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance’s On-Purpose Series. After being certified at the highest level of NSA in 2002 she was asked by Dr. Donny Epstein, founder, and developer of Network Spinal Analysis, to join the International Transformational Gate staff in 2005.

Her voracious love for nature and thriving sustainably has magically guided her to Costa Rica where she now owns property and is collaborating with other leaders in global sustainability practices.

Dr. Kathleen Costello ~ NH Chiropractor

Dr. Kathleen Costello is a traveler of the outer and inner world. Her passion for learning and culture has taken her to 25 beautiful countries and allowed her to live in many regions of the US. Originally from Dover, Delaware, Dr. Kathleen has spent the last five years completing her Master of Science in positive psychology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree in South Carolina. Inspired by the life changing results of Network Spinal care, she left a successful career in non-profit business and marketing to pursue the healing arts. She is passionate about uplifting, empowering and inspiring people’s health and life journeys through Network care and positive psychology.

Dr. Kathleen graduated valedictorian of her chiropractic class and received special distinction as a research fellow for the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation Research. She held numerous leadership roles throughout her time at Sherman College of Chiropractic and loves to educate on the innate healing and reorganizational capacity of the body. She is a life long learner herself and, in addition to her certifications in level 1 and 2 of Network Care, she has additional training and certifications in hatha and restorative yoga, meditation, neuro-emotional technique, applied kinesiology, reiki, functional medicine and integrative nutrition.

Dr. Kathleen is inspired by service and is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and Women 4 Change. She is excited to get involved in projects in the Seacoast community! In her free time she can be found in nature, meditating, hiking, kayaking, visiting family and friends or planning her next adventure. Dr. Kathleen is grateful to join the beautiful community at Wellspring and call Dover, NH her new home!

Heather Hochniuk ~ Practice Member Coordinator

A recent transplant to New Hampshire, Heather admired Wellspring’s beautiful orange building from afar with curiosity until a fateful day at Apple Harvest Fest brought her into our office as a practice member. As synchronicity had it, Heather flowed right into being Wellspring’s practice coordinator. She has simultaneously embraced her brimming interest in network care in her own personal journey as well as joyfully welcomed the opportunity to be a part of a holistic minded team steeped in the profound appreciation of the connection between mind, body, soul, and community.

Heather completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business at Cabrini University. She is a beautifully curious being and always exploring something new and exciting. Her friends are always asking what new things she’s been up to lately. She loves nature, art, spirituality, architecture, yoga, travel, restaurants and is your go to gal for moon updates and delicious eateries in the area.

Crystal Hayes ~ Optimizer and Support Team Member

Crystal is a kindred spirit who aspires to help others reconnect to their soul’s natural wisdom within that says, YOU ARE THE MAGIC! Believing that NO ONE is BROKEN and we are ALL on this JOURNEY together in COMMUNITY to be witnessed, seen and heard as Galactic Beings in Human Bodies!

Crystal’s extraordinary role at Wellspring is to OPTIMIZE what is already working well and to ILLUMINATE parts that need creative solutions.

As an Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon and Libra Rising, Crystal finds herself in the energetic flow of Discovering, Transforming and Awakening sometimes on a daily basis. The ‘SEVEN’ in her is playful and optimistic thriving in the essence of others. Nutritionist, Yogi, Philanthropist, Healer, Friend and Mother of two beautiful Souls dedicated to helping people make positive lifestyle changes through compassionate and humorous connection. Knowing the work is never done, but worth doing because it brings great JOY to live in harmony not only with others but within ourselves. It is with great HONOR to be a part of the Wellspring Center for Wellbeing Family. May the MAGIC in her ignite the Magic in YOU!