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deb ayer

Dr. Deborah Ayer ~ NH Chiropractor, Owner

For over 2 decades, Dr. Deborah Ayer has been at the forefront of cutting edge wellness and transformation, reaching people both locally and globally. For 18 of those years she has devoted much of her time joyfully raising her son Bailey and being the sole owner of Wellspring Center for Wellbeing in Dover, NH. Her keen sense of the innate brilliance inside every human being, along with her tenacious devotion to the science and the art of humanity, makes her both a gifted facilitator and an incredible leader. She captures her audience’s attention as a dynamic speaker with the capacity to passionately deliver a message that launches each attendee into more inspired action. Dr. Ayer leads NSA/SRI events through WWS and through private practice. She sponsors students and doctors’ success by promoting the unique learning style of each individual. She has cared for high profile people such as Tony Robbins and volunteered to care for emergency personnel at Ground Zero after the 9/11 tragedy in NY.

Dr. Deb attended San Diego State University Majoring in Biology where she was introduced to Chiropractic and immediately knew this was her next adventure. She then graduated Valedictorian in 1993 from Palmer College of Chiropractic West. In 1996 she moved back to her roots in NH where she was first introduced to the powerful impact of Network Care.

Dr. Deb has learned from many pioneers of Chiropractic and the Personal growth industry. She was chosen to be the New Hampshire representative for the International Chiropractic Association during 2001-2005 where she sponsored and met with congressmen in Washington DC to promote Chiropractic awareness. In 2003, Deb was voted “Chiropractor of the Month” by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance’s On-Purpose Series. After being certified at the highest level of NSA in 2002 she was asked by Dr. Donny Epstein, founder, and developer of Network Spinal Analysis, to join the International Transformational Gate staff in 2005.

Her voracious love for nature and thriving sustainably has magically guided her to Costa Rica where she now owns property and is collaborating with other leaders in global sustainability practices.

Dr. Sara Vargas ~ NH Chiropractor

Dr. Sara believes that every day something miraculous happens within and around you. Your body is one of the finest designs and myriad miracles are happening right now as you read this. This magic is one of the many reasons Dr. Sara wakes up every day and takes great pleasure in facilitating and witnessing this everyday magic in her life and practice. It is with a great sense of honor and privilege that she finds herself back at Wellspring, a unique hub for inspired wellness and a rich community. Here, she continues her passion, which is to awaken the sense, within all beings, that they are enough, that they can find peace and that they can become exactly who they are being called for to be.

Dr. Sara graduated from UNH from the Outdoor Education Program in Kinesiology. She later became a massage therapist at the New Hampshire Institute of Whole Health. Her journey as a healer and entrepreneur began in 2002, opening her own massage therapy and Reiki practice. During this time, she was also involved working as a chiropractic assistant. Dr. Sara was profoundly affected by the power of chiropractic and Network Spinal. She was witness to people coming in with pain and symptoms and then watching them heal! This inspired her return to school to receive her doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in 2011. While in attendance, she volunteered as part of Mission Trip America (MTA), providing complimentary chiropractic care for the San Francisco Day Labor Program, whose members have little or no access to health care. She was also the recipient of the Commitment to Excellence award. Since then, Dr. Sara has become certified at the highest level in Network Spinal and has had the pleasure of serving in over a dozen unique Network Spinal practices. She also co-owned and ran a practice for 5 years in Berkeley before moving back to her home state in the fall of 2020.

She is married to her best friend Marcelo, who is the founder and lead facilitator of Indestructible Dads. Together, they are raising and homeschooling their two boys who were both born at home. Dr. Sara’s enthusiasm for life and love radiates within her presence. It is with both a honor and a privilege to have her back in NH sharing her extraordinary gifts with our community and the world.

Crystal Hayes ~ Optimizer & Virtual Administrative Goddess

Crystal is a kindred spirit who aspires to help others reconnect to their soul’s natural wisdom within that says, YOU ARE THE MAGIC! Believing that NO ONE is BROKEN and we are ALL on this JOURNEY together in COMMUNITY to be witnessed, seen and heard as Galactic Beings in Human Bodies!

Crystal’s extraordinary role at Wellspring is to OPTIMIZE what is already working well and to ILLUMINATE parts that need creative solutions.

As an Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon and Libra Rising, Crystal finds herself in the energetic flow of Discovering, Transforming and Awakening sometimes on a daily basis. The ‘SEVEN’ in her is playful and optimistic thriving in the essence of others. Nutritionist, Yogi, Philanthropist, Healer, Friend and Mother of two beautiful Souls dedicated to helping people make positive lifestyle changes through compassionate and humorous connection. Knowing the work is never done, but worth doing because it brings great JOY to live in harmony not only with others but within ourselves. It is with great HONOR to be a part of the Wellspring Center for Wellbeing Family. May the MAGIC in her ignite the Magic in YOU!

Vero Stewart ~ Administrative Goddess

VERO is Cuban-American illustrator transplanted from Florida to New Hampshire. Her work showcases the bizarre and colorful wonders of nature and she’s had two solo gallery exhibitions.

Small Vero made many plush animals before learning to knit and play piano. Medium Vero studied writing and archaeology in college, before becoming Big Vero and taking a hard left turn into gouache and watercolor nature illustrations.

She also sews, quilts, knits, and can lick her elbow.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Anthropology.

Her favorite dinosaur is the Maiasaura.

Beyond her quirky fun-loving spirit, she also embodies the curiosity, creative organizational awareness, and communicational skills within the team essential for your joy and ease at Wellspring.

We are thankful to have the amazing Vero as an integral part of your Wellspring support team.

Heather Hochniuk~Social Media Goddess

A recent transplant to New Hampshire, Heather admired Wellspring’s beautiful orange building from afar with curiosity until a fateful day at Apple Harvest Fest brought her into our office as a practice member. She has simultaneously embraced her brimming interest in network care in her own personal journey as well as joyfully welcomed the opportunity to be a part of a holistic minded team steeped in the profound appreciation of the connection between mind, body, soul, and community.

Heather completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business at Cabrini University. She is a beautifully curious being and always exploring something new and exciting. Her friends are always asking what new things she’s been up to lately. She loves nature, art, spirituality, architecture, yoga, travel, restaurants and is your go to gal for moon updates and delicious eateries in the area.